From a young age, I've enjoyed telling people's stories, as well as my own, through written and visual methods. 
Welcome to my journey as an Introverted Media Darling.

I am a(n):
• Avid collector of stories, memories, experiences and chances to learn. 
• Nostalgic old soul who loves rose-colored-glasses days, Polaroids and Art Deco.
• Reforming perfectionist who takes time to relish the present and love herself.
• IRL version of Princess Leia, with leadership, kindness and sass wrapped in a 5’4” frame with cat-eye glasses and highlighted hair. 
• Storyteller with thousands of hours of expertise in my chosen field and someone who rarely meets a book I don't like.
• Girlboss who lives the beautiful ups and downs of owning a business.
• American in love with Paris, coffee and most cheeses.
• Compassionate spirit who would adopt every cat in the world if I could.
• Hopeless romantic married to the love of my life.
• Wife, cat mom, big sister, Auntie, daughter, granddaughter, friend, colleague.​​​​​​​

May the Force Be With You,